Kookamunga is a comprehensive series of sculptures, videos, photography, drawings, performances that focus around a loose world-building narrative involving a penguin, or many penguins, all named Kookamunga. Kookamunga is based off of a collection of penguin kitsch statues which took up a large section of my home while living with my mother.

This project came out of both a death, an eviction and a distaste for my then current body of work and educational institution. Through constant investigation of material and purpose, Kookamunga actually takes agency and creates its own artwork and creates an interior world within my larger body of work. I, as well as others, become Kookamunga, when we put on this costume and additionally, there is something to be said about a transient life style, living a “Kookamunga” life style.

The name Kookamunga is what I was once called, as a child and through all mediums, I can continually tap into a state of childhood, freedom in art and explore the larger themes in my work that I’ve always been interested in:

Kookamunga is simultaneously alive and dead, digital and physical, teacher and student, artwork and artist. This body of work may last into the next year, or may indeed last a lifetime.